About PCR Oncology

The guiding principal for the practice is the idea that we will treat our patients, and our staff, as we wish to be treated.

As a result of this we have constantly innovated and the choices we have made are in the best interests of our patients.


• We are the only practice in more than a 90-mile radius to have joined the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP – see NCORP.cancer.gov for more information). This gives us access to about 75 NCI-sponsored clinical trials at any time. This is the size of research programs at some university cancer centers.

• Participation in the NCORP results in regular audits of quality of care and quality of research (by the National Cancer Institute). We have passed all of our audits, assuring you that we provide exceptional quality care.

• Nine of the twelve medical oncologists in the region are employed by a local hospital, which bills nearly twice what physician-owned practices bill. We are one of the few in the region to resist selling to a hospital. Thus the cost of care at PCR Oncology is much lower than at most of our competitors.

We appreciate your trust in our team and look forward to helping you on your cancer journey.